Our firm is committed to the representation of our clients during the stressful and foreign process of separation and divorce. We recognize that marital dissolution involves not only a legal component but also involves a complex and very real emotional aspect.

We believe that we have a professional responsibility as attorneys to counsel and advocate for our clients effectively, using the best of our legal knowledge and skills gained through years of education and experience. Our firm is experienced in various methods of resolving marital issues, including litigation and alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and collaborative law.

The attorneys in our firm have had extensive training and experience in litigation and are recognized by other attorneys and judges alike as having a high degree of skill in the litigation process. We are aware that obtaining information necessary to the litigation process may be difficult. As such we are experienced in obtaining information through the “discovery” process so that we can present the client’s case most effectively. In certain cases this process of obtaining information in advance of litigation may enhance the possibility of settlement prior to trial. Further, we perform legal research to determine case precedent and alternative arguments that may be presented to aid our client’s position.

If the case proceeds to trial, the case has the full attention of our team: attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants. Each member of the team performs a vital function in the client’s representation, so that our advocacy is organized and effective. Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation for our clients.

Our attorneys are recognized as being highly professional, devoted advocates who possess integrity in their approach to litigation. This reputation is central to the success of our firm.

Years of experience in working with families has taught us that litigation may not be the most effective method of resolving disputes, in that it is both financially and emotionally costly, and time-consuming. Through cooperative efforts such as mediation and collaborative law our clients can reach agreements that are more satisfying than orders issued by a judge who has had limited exposure to the specific situation of the client’s family.

We further believe that we have an ethical responsibility as counselors at law to assist our clients in making important life decisions during this difficult transition. We accomplish this by being willing to listen to our clients and their needs. Also, we utilize a professional network of psychologists, accountants, financial planners, appraisers, and other individuals who can offer valuable services to our clients.

If you decide to employ our firm, you will hire a team of attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants who work together to offer efficient and quality legal services with your case. You can reach our staff directly, rather than having to wade through an automated system. You will receive personal attention from caring professionals who understand that your case is important. Each person on our staff will be familiar with your case, and will be contributing vital services toward the resolution of your case. You will be treated with respect by attorneys who take the time to explain the legal process, case precedent and other considerations that underlie their strategy and recommendations.

The dissolution of your marriage is a very difficult and demanding time. We cannot take away the hurt and disappointment, but we can offer high quality legal services in a compassionate manner. We can assist you in making good decisions about how you and your family can negotiate the complexity of the divorce process, survive the turmoil, maintain dignity in the process and begin a new future.