Raleigh Divorce Attorneys:

We Understand Your Situation

We know what you are going through. You never thought you would be in a separation/divorce situation. But right now, you are in an emotional crisis, you are facing one of the most devastating financial situations of your life, the entire legal process is foreign, and during all of this, you are expected to make sound legal decisions.test

You need experienced family law counsel to provide advice and direction. McGill & Hampson, P.A. can provide such valuable assistance to you. We meet each client and listen to his/her individual situation. Every case is examined to determine the best approach for that client, whether it is litigation, mediation, or collaborative law.

Alternatives to Litigation

Divorce is never easy. That is why it is important to weigh all of your options before choosing a course of action. Alternatives to litigation such as negotiated settlement conferences, mediation, and collaborative law proceedings can enable individuals to address contentious issues in a calm and confidential setting.

When parties are unable to resolve their dispute by alternative means it is necessary to pursue litigation. Litigation is a process designed to resolve contested matters through the judicial system. This can be a difficult and lengthy process.

In order for you to feel comfortable in the litigation process, you must have counsel who are experienced in litigation, who know how to present a case effectively and advocate for their client. Our firm has attorneys who are well trained in litigation techniques, and who have been recognized by their law schools and by local judges as having a high level of competence, skill, and integrity in the litigation process.